Online Dating & Safety

Online dating can be 100% safe and secure with the assistance of our customer moderation team. They perform daily checks on member profiles, messages sent and quality assurance checks. This team works to ensure that you can date safely. Their priority is to help you have fun chatting to local mature singles. We want to help you make new connections with singles in your area.

When you begin your online dating journey, it is advised that you are mindful of the information you share. When you meet someone in an offline setting, you will naturally be aware of your safety. It is just as important to do so when dating with Senior Merseyside Dating.

Unlike meeting in a conventional setting such as at the tennis club, online dating allows you the opportunity to get to know people with more anonymity and privacy. You can read through their profile, diary entries and look at their photographs before having to introduce yourself. This allows you to vet your potential matches with 100% safety. If you find that a member doesn't suit you, you don’t have to introduce yourself. Alternatively, if you like a member even more after you’ve spent time learning about them, you can spark up a conversation about your mutual interests.